Rules and Regulations

Everyone must read and understand all the rules as they may change with out notice
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Rules and Regulations

Post by fr0z3n » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:15 am

1. No Harassing, Bullying or Trolling, it will not be tolerated. Instant Ban, no warnings.

2. No random links to unknown websites or ads. Any spam ads will be deleted and member banned.

3. No selling of gaming accounts or anything that could be potential scams, it may result in ban.

4.Be respectful to all Members, Admins, Moderators and Programmers

5. Do not ask about cracking passwords or accounts

6. Respect other members and respect the admins.

7. Sharing tutorials and trainers you have made is allowed.

8. Report spam or any other bad content that might hurt the members or the group.

9. Do not ask or post anything about hacking websites.

10. Do NOT post Political or Religious views, and respect that we all may have different view points on those subjects.

11. Admins have finale say in all disputes.

1.Describe exactly what the link is that you are posting
2. What exactly can be downloaded and/or what site it represents
3. And any other pertinent information..
Any site that we do not know exactly what that link is or what it represents will be deleted immediately and possibly ban the poster.

While we at hard-coders do try to prevent any malicious content from being shared, we remind you to err on the side of caution, it is nearly impossible to know if something is a virus until after it's been run and inspected (trainers often get flagged as false positives and CE scripts can contain malicious assembly code as text not the bytes most AV detect).
Download anything here at your own risk, just like anywhere else. Neither hard-coders, nor any part of it (including but not limited to admins, moderators, or members) will be required to accept any liability for harm caused by anything you download here or download from a link found here.

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